Our Passport Photograph Service At Petersfield

We have gained a good reputation for the quality of our passport photo service.

There is no need to book and the whole process can take just a few minutes.

Our photos can also be used for other forms of ID that require a photograph including the new UK photo driving licence.

We can cater for most requirements that include US, Indian, Australian and Canadian passports and visa's. We specialise in baby and toddler passports, all that we ask, is for your child to be dressed in dark colours.

The charge for passport photo's is currently from £8.99 for four identical photo's.

The US & Indian Visa's/Passports require two 2x2 inch photos, the current cost for this service is £20.00.

The Canadian Visa's/Passports require two 50x70mm stamp and dated photos, the current cost for this service is £25.00.

We have been taking passport and visa photo's for over 26 years in Petersfield and have gained a good reputation for the service we offer and come recommended by our local Post Office. We have recently calculated that we take over 6,500 passport and visa photo's in just One year!!..

Important Notice:

We currently issue Four identical hard copies for the UK specification. The Government is trialling a system where you can supply your own photo with the application and from our experience it isn’t working very well. Only a small percentage sent gets accepted, equally it appears that the server tends to re-hash the file size you send them and again fails the application.

Our industry representative is in constant contact with the Passport Office in order to relay the most up to date information back to us. The Passport Office has recently been shown yet another system, used by the French government, as another way forward. We have had a demonstration of this proposed system here in the shop, which was very impressive for what it can do.

Until the Government decides on what system it finally wishes to adopt and has the infrastructure in place to impediment, we will continue to offer the current issue of hard copies.

As soon as a system has been agreed in "stone", then we will change our systems to suit.

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