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The provision is in place where you could order your prints for example at 9am and collect them before lunch time.

On average orders sent by the online kiosk take about an hour to filter through the network.

Please read this important guide first.

The industry standard for many years has been and still is 6x4, however most compact and hybrid cameras do not record images that correctly fit the 6x4 aspect ratio. Most of the time this doesn't cause a problem and you would not notice any thing missing. But if the subject's heads are tight to the top of the frame, then you will lose a bit more on the completed print.

The correct aspect ratio is the next size up, 7x5. This retains about 98% of the original image. If you wish to continue with the 6x4 and have noticed that the subjects are tight in the frame, we would suggest that you check the crop-off effect in the edit section.

We feel it is important to high-light this issue, as we cannot be held responsible for any pictures that lead to images being cropped due to the reason explained above.

We do however check every image for cropping and if we feel the image will work better as a square for example, as it may have been taken or cropped that way by the photographer, then we will make a judgement call and print it as a square. We also check the density of each image and will again use our judgement to improve the final picture.

When we receive images from professional photographers, any such correction is not required as their system is set for CMYK printing and their screens are correctly balanced.

Mobile phones currently use RGB, though the best colour balanced images are produced by Apple due to their software. We have often encountered the question of why the image on the screen differs from a printed image. This is because a screen displays images by directly emitting light, while a print reflects the ambient light.

When payment is required the Paypal symbol will be shown, upon clicking this, further payment options will be offered.

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