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Scanning Photos Into Digital Files

Found lots of photos in a box recently?
Have them digitally scanned with the files placed onto a USB stick. Sizes accepted from 3inch to 8inches. Back of the photo must be free of any sticky substance/labels.
Prices start at 50p per image, producing a Jpeg file @ 300 dpi. (USB extra)
Enhanced process producing a Tiff file @ 300 dpi………£1.00 per image. (USB extra) Tiff files are classified as an Archival format.
Minimum charge £20.00, Work is carried out in house.

Passport Photo Service

Including Visa's and I.D. Photos

We now have the latest Biometric passport system in order to keep in line with the latest government requirements, click for more details.
The charge for passport photo's is currently from £9.99 for four identical photo's.
The US & Indian Visa's/Passports require two 2x2 inch photos, the current cost for this service is £20.00.
The Canadian Visa's/Passports require two 50x70mm stamp and dated photos, the current cost for this service is £25.00.

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